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Houston Inn
January 13, 2011
Dorothy, Verna M., Mae, Eileen, Lou
Kazoos! Blowing Our Own Horns!
Two birthdays this month - Eileen and Verna D.
Char, Ocie, Maude, Ola and Marie
Doris B.
Verna D., Joanne B.
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West Chester, Ohio
February 10, 2011
Joanne Di Sebastian,
Independent Tea Coordinator
Ruth in her red and purple.
Great picture of Blanche! Wow!
LaVerne meets up with her long-time friend, Dell Harvey, who
lives at Barrington.
Part of the group of 20 who attended the tea: Ginny, LaVerne, Janice, Doris T., Blanche, Martha, Mae, Dorothy and Doris B.
And the Winners Are: Ola, Blanche, Martha, and Barb.
Ola and Barb won brunch for 4 at Barrington which is held last Sunday of each month, and Blanche and Martha received Valentine candy from our Village Red Hattie chapter.
Congratulations ladies!
Following the tea we were treated to a tour of Barrington. It would be a lovely place to live.
Courseview Restaurant
Mason, Ohio
March 10, 2011
Mary Mc, Blanche, Joanne B. and Verna M.
20 of us attended. Seated are Ruth, LaVerne, Eileen Doris T., Janice, Maude, Mary W., Marie, Barb at head of table, JoAnn A, Joanne R., Verna D., Dorothy, Mary Mc, Blanche, Joanne B., and Verna M.
Parkers Blue Ash Grill
April 14, 2011
Verna D. and Blanche in the foreground helping 21 of us celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Red Hat Society.
Our waiter doing a masterful job of waiting on our table of red hatters (Right side L-R Pat M., Doris T., Janice, Mae, Verna M. Ola on left side of table in foreground.)
Joanne R. and Barb take a moment to pose for the camera.
Our faithful driver Linda K. who always gets us safely to and from our destination.
We had a beautiful private room with great service from our waiters...Blanche is placing her order.
Ola, Marie, Maude, Joanne R. and Barb ready to order from the menu.
May 12, 2011
For nine years, Ginny F. has unselfishly taken time to do many red hat makeovers for deserving ladies in our facility. She manicures, makes them up, combs hair, has them don red hat clothing, and then, as an added treat takes them to get a dip of ice cream, all without fanfare. Well done Ginny, we all honor you and thank you for a job well done.
Joanne R. and Ola S.
Birthday girls of the month.
Ginny's long list of red hat makeovers.
Surprise Ginny!
Milford Tea Room
June 16, 2011

Doris T., Marie, Ola and Verna D. enjoying the ambience of the beautiful Milford Tea Room.
Our driver Linda and Verna M.
LaVerne, Mary Mc, Ruth W., and Charlotte.
Our group waiting to be served and little did they know they would be served a wonderful watercress soup. Delicious!
Appetites satisfied, we pose for a final picture before heading back to the Village.
Owner Cheryl (in black & white) discusses her love of teacups with LaVerne, Mary Mc, Ruth W., and Charlotte (hidden).
Mecklenburg Gardens
July 14, 2011

Lunch was delicious German fare.
Orders placed, we just enjoy the ambience of Cincinnati's oldest restaurant.
Lunch under the outdoors grape arbor was a refreshing change from indoor restaurants.
It was a beautiful comfortable day in the midst of an otherwise hot July. All nineteen of us enjoyed our day. Parking presented a bit of a problem though. Street parking only.
Historic Hammel House
Waynesville, Ohio
August 11, 2011
No, Doris isn't sitting at a table by herself. Just a closeup of Doris T, one of our charter members.
Fabulous desserts...and Verna and Mae are enjoying every minute!
Dorothy, Blanche, Ila and Pat having a good time at a corner table in historic Hammel House which was built in 1822.
Red Lobster
October 13, 2011
Joanne B.in our newly remodeled reception area.
Verna M. all ready to go.
Mae S. relaxing while waiting for the bus.
Back of Joanne's lobster hat. So cute!
Joanne R. in her occasion appropriate lobster hat
Love the menu at Red Lobster. All of us want Red Lobster to open a restaurant in the Mason area.
Yum! Biscuits as good as this deserves a picture all its own!
OPERATION RED ENVELOPE - The Red Hat Society is trying to encourage the U.S. Post Office to honor all red hatters with a postage stamp. We did our part!
Edith Mae's Tea Room
Xenia, Ohio
December 10, 2011
Our third visit to Edith Mae's Tea Room was as delightful as our first! Ola, Marie and Joanne R. (and a mysterious Doris B) are obviously having an animated conversion and, by the looks, of the empty middle platter, are enjoying every morsel of food. Our Queen took this picture with a phone which turned out to be inferior to a camera shot. This was one of seven taken and the best of the bunch. I'll strive to do better next month!
Area-Wide Christmas Party
December 3, 2011
We're off! Our brand new bus arrived the day before the Christmas party and we were lucky enough to participate
in its maiden voyage. What a happy day. So exciting!
All decked out in our finery and ready to go are Maude, Blanche, Eileen, Pat, Joanne R., QM Shirley, Joanne B, Barb, Mary L., Doris T, Sue H (Doris T's friend), Lou R and Joan C. Kneeling: Ola and Marie.
Missing was Ginny who was ill.
Ola, Marie and Maude
A table of our ladies in the midst of the 320 red hat ladies at the party.
Doris T's friend Sue, Doris T., and Joanne B.
This picture doesn't do the cakes justice but they were big, beautiful and delicious.
Pat M
Sisters -
Joanne B,
& Eileen
Doris T.
There were scads of door prizes and raffle prizes and Doris T just had to  show off the door prize she won!
And the winners are: Joanne B (table prize), Sue H (door prize), Marie (door prize), Doris T (door prize), Maude (table prize). On chairs: Vase filled with ornaments (Ginny's door prize - Ginny was ill and could not attend), QM Shirley's door prize, and, lastly, Barb's door prize. Two other won prizes, Lou and Eileen, not in picture. Ten of sixteen of us went home with prizes! Amazing...
Our Heroes! Charlene Clark (Facilitator of Greater Cincinnati Queens Council and Queen Mother  of Go-Go Gals, and Phyllis Martin (standing, facing camera, Queen Mother of Red Hatcinnati). Thanks ladies for all the creativity and hard work that you and your chapterettes put into a very successful party!
Clap, clap!
Queen Mother Shirley
Annual Christmas Party at MCV
December 8, 2011

Eileen and Doris B. Eileen is our official prayer lady. Nobody does it better!
Ginny and Barb. It's difficult to see but there is a Hershey candy bar favor next to Barb's napkin which says "A Blessed Christmas Is My Wish For You."
The whole group in our newly renovated dining room.
Table is set and Ruth, Ginny, Marie, Ola and Dorothy are waiting for the party to start. Marie is wearing the sweater she won at the December 3 Christmas party at Receptions.
Ruth and Verna D. The little red hat ladies on the table are boxes containing bells on a ribbon.
Martha, Joan, Mary L. It's good to have you back with us Joan. We missed you while you were recuperating!
Blanche, Ola, Marie, Mae and Janice. Mary L and Joan's hats are in the foreground.
Ila, Barb, Joanne R, Suzanne and Dorothy waiting for the entertainment to start.
Dorothy, Mary Mc, Maude, Martha, Ila, Doris (with Ginny's gift) and JoAnn holding the Quarter Auction gifts they won.
25 of our current 34 members attended our annual Christmas party. Our entertainment was a Quarter Auction. We had seven prizes. In order to win, guests were given a paddle with a number on it. If they wanted to bid, they had to drop 1, 2, or 3 quarters in a bucket, depending upon the value of the gift. If their number was called they won the prize. It was a fun game. QM Shirley thanks Charlene Clark and Phyllis Martin for the idea. It was played at one of the Queens Meeting. No one in attendance had a December birthday so we played Happy Birthday to Jesus twice since we thought he deserved an encore!
Our Quarter Auction paddles -- four different hat designs were used.
Marriott Inn - River City Grill
January 12, 2012
21 Beautiful Village Red Hatties all decked out in their finery in lobby of the Marriot Inn
Pajama Breakfast, MCV Dining Room
February 9, 2012
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Wow! What a breakfast! So tasty, so pretty.
They made it happen. Tim, Chris and Pam, we thank you so much for the amazing breakfast.
Eileen says "Oh no, is that really my sister?" And there sits Blanche taking it all in.
Lou hamming it up and Maude's loving every minute while Ila looks on.
Blanche, Barb, Joanne and Pat having a gab fest. And...don't they look cute in their pj's? 
Doris B.chatting it up!
Barb and Pat patiently waiting for food.
Rafferty's - Union Centre
March 8, 2012
Janice, Marie, Ola, Linda, Ila, Barb, Joanne R, Maude, Suzanne, and Mary Mc. - I found out  that Rafferty's closed soon thereafter.
Ferrari's Little Italy Restaurant & Bakery
April 12, 2012
Now that's one big meatball! Go for it Barb!
Sign language from our driver Linda?
Good Italian food!
Doris B, Eileen and Lou patiently waiting for food.
Lou, Ila, Linda and Pat M.
The School House,
Camp Dennison, Ohio
May 17, 2012
A really neat place to eat! Served homestyle on a center-of-the-table lazy susan. Yummy fried chicken. Here we are for a group shot in front of the gift shop (all 24 of us + Linda our driver who took this picture.