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Rileybrook Hall
Brookville, Indiana
August 18, 2008
Looking down at the dining room
Village Red Hatties touring the gardens
Eighteen Village Red Hatties joined our outing. Our thanks to Janice Linden for suggesting Rileybrook Hall.
Pear trees made into a hedge
Urn in dining room
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Thomas Bredwell pouring coffee
Miss Emmylee's Tea
September 11, 2008
Larel Grant serving Joanne R. and Ginny F.
Doris T. and Ailene B looking pretty in hats
Ila H. waiting to be served
After eating indoors, we went outdoors for tea
in Larel's gazebo.
20-Mile House
November 13, 2008
Our 7th Anniversary as Red Hatters
Our birthday cake after it was cut.
Cake reads 7 years old.
Blame our Queen for not getting a picture before it was cut.
Five of the twenty-three Village Red Hatties who attended (Barb, JoAnn,
Mary Mc, Blanche and Ginny)
Promont Museum, Milford, Ohio
March 12, 2009
Promont Museum has a different theme each month; the theme for the month of March was "Bells" and there were lots of them! Only five VRH's attended: Joanne B., Shirley, Ginny, Dorothy, and Blanche.
Charlotte J., Mary J., Maude S., and Joanne R. Notice Charlotte's purple hat; it's her birthday month so we reverse our colors. We love Twin Creek; the food is great and we love their unique tables.
Marie R. and Ola S.with kazoos ready to go
Twin Creek Tea Room
April 9, 2009
Lois and Charlene
Box Lunch In Our New Gazebo
July 9, 2009
Dorothy and Ginny watching Pat blow bubbles
Maude and Mary, Barb, and Ola.
Funds for construction of the gazebo were provided
by gift shoppe volunteers.
The Beautiful Garden of Mary Higgins
Springboro, Ohio
July 24, 2009
A collage of pictures from the garden of Mary Higgins. Mary does not charge a fee to tour her garden but does take a donation to help pay for her huge water bills. It is hard to believe, but true, but there was not a weed or dead leaf to be found. Mary's garden was featured in a past edition of Better Homes & Gardens.
Mary Higgins
Der Dutchman
Waynesville, Ohio
August 13, 2008
Der Dutchman is well known for their Amish food and the ladies enjoyed every bite!
Barb with kazoo ready to play.
LaVerne, Ruth, Dorothy and Mary Mc engaging in after lunch conversation,
Our "Duck" driver was intrigued by LaVerne's unique purse
Cincinnati skyline from the Duck
Ohio Valley Antique Mall
October 8, 2009
Ride The Ducks and Joe's Crab Shack, Newport, Kentucky
September 19, 2000
Maureen and Vivian, members of the Feathered Friends chapter, filled in because we had extra tickets to use.
Joanne B. blowing her duck whistle
Picture above of Verna M., Shirley G., and Mary W. and picture to the right shows LaVerne Owen and Dorothy P. at Joe's Crab Shack.
This was a fun day! The Antique Mall ladies hid numbered paddles which we had to find among the merchandise. The winner was Ila Henning who, very secretively, hid all of her paddles from view! She received a $15 gift card.
Christmas Party in MCV Dining Room
December 10, 2009
Twenty-one from our chapter of the Red Hat Society attended our annual Christmas party. We served ourselves from the line, had festive cupcakes for dessert and played games. A good time was had by all.
Soho Japanese Restaurant
April 8, 2010
Dorothy, Doris T., Lou, Eileen,
Ocie and Ruth W.
Lois, Ocie, Blanche, Maude, Mary J., Shirley and Dorothy
Top Picture: Our bus driver Linda, Janice, Ginny and Verna M.
Bottom Picture: Verna M., Mae, Charlene and Lois
This was our first trip to a Japanese restaurant and we enjoyed every minute of the flair and showmanship of the chefs. Maude added to the occasion when she provided three gifts to lucky recipients. Many thanks to Joanne B. for the pictures.
Mother's Day Tea
MCV Chapel
May 7, 2010

Our January 14, 2010 we went to EnterTrainment in Mason where we had lunch and wandered through their enormous train display. Thirteen, plus our driver Fred, attended the event and we were all amazed that a display of that stature was in our own backyard. Truly impressive.

Our February 2010 outing to Wildflower Cafe in Mason was canceled because of snow but was rescheduled for March 11 when 22 of us enjoyed their wholesome organic menu.

No pictures exist of either event.

Miss Hattie, our mascot, is doing what she does best, showing off!
We joined the Village celebration of Mother's Day. In this picture Janice, Doris T, and Suzanne enjoy a cup of tea.
Naturally, we had to play "Happy Birthday" on our kazoos to all ladies who had May birthdays.
Tour of Spring Grove Cemetery
May 13, 2010
Our tour of Spring Grove Cemetery was very enlightening. We learned that Spring Grove Cemetery was established in 1845 and is the second largest cemetery in the United States. The first interment was September 1, 1845. The cemetery has 733 acres, 400 of which are beautifully landscaped and contain an expansive collection of both native and exotic plants. The cemetery has State and National Champion trees and its Centenarian Collection of trees. The cemetery is now officially known as Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum.

After our tour, we boarded our bus and headed to Riley's Restaurant where we had a delightful lunch.
Europa Foods, Mainstrasse, Covington, Kentucky
June 10, 2010
Mary W., Verna M., Maude, Janice and Dorothy relaxing after a delicious European-type tea.
Mary W., Lou, Dorothy, Marie and Ola seated under paintings that were for sale.
Pajama Breakfast, MCV Dining Room
July 8, 2010
These two pictures depict but four of the 15 attendees; the other pictures taken were just way too dark to include. Tim, our Village chef, served a delicious casserole along with fruit and pastries.
Art Museum and Graeter's Ice Cream
August 12, 2010
Dorothy waiting patiently for her check.
Our chapter enjoying delicious Graeter's  ice cream.
Our bus driver Linda and Blanche trying their hand at "cone hole" at Graeter's Ice Cream in Mason.
Heritage Day Parade
August 28, 2010
Ten of us ready for the ride of our life! Ola, Mae, Pat, Marie, Blanche, Pat, Doris, Shirley, Eileen and Joanne B. ready and rarin' to go. Thank you for inviting us to participate Lizz!
And for sharing these pictures for our website.
Mae Stephens practicing her red hat wave.
Joanne and Shirley showing off our red hat banner which a friend of Blanche so willing made for us. Thank you friend!
Heather's Coffee & Cafe, Springboro, Ohio
September 9, 2010
Mary W and Doris T in foreground; Ila, Mae, LaVerne, Pat, Joanne R. and Barb in background.
Ila, Mae and LaVerne enjoy sitting in the sunshine. I wonder if they ordered the delicious chicken salad on pretzel bread.
Are Ola and Verna D. enjoying one of Heather's yummy smoothies?
Here is Pat sitting with Joanne R. and Barb. Heather is the wife of Pat's boss and it was Pat who suggested Heather's Coffee & Cafe. Thank you Pat, we all enjoyed our day in the sun.
Rileybrook Hall
Veterans Meeting at MCV & Lunch at Olive Garden
November 11, 2010
Joanne Biedinger stepped in and planned our November outing. Thank you Joanne for making our day one we will long remember. Our first stop was at the chapel at MCV where we attended the Veterans Day meeting sponsored by our Village veterans. We will never be able to repay our veterans for all that they have done to keep our nation free and preserve our heritage, so it was a pleasure to honor them on their special day. At noon we arrived at the Olive Garden on Fields Ertel Road where Joanne had reserved a private room for us and had each place setting decorated with a red hat lady made out of chrysanthemum flowers. Clever lady, that Joanne! As usual, a job well done Joanne.
Barb with QM Shirley and Miss Hattie from Cincinnati, one of our two mascots. Rhinestone Cowgirl Jo was in Bob Young's "mascot hospital" for repairs.
Our two newest members, Joan Cawdrey and Dot Middleton. Welcome ladies! We LOVE having you.
Martha, Ginny, Eileen, Ila and Lou. Although 21 ladies attended and pictures were taken of all who were there, only these three pictures were clear enough to use. Time for a new camera (or photographer!).
Our favor...compliments of Joanne B.
Annual Christmas Party in MCV Dining Room
December 9, 2010
Doris B, Mary Mc, and Charlotte seated at the round table.
Seated are Pat M, Joanne R., Ola, Marie and Maude relaxing before lunch.
Facing camera are Ola, Marie, Maude, Ginny and Joan. It was Joan's first Christmas party with our chapter.
Ila, Doris B and Mary Mc engaged in conversation.
Our Christmas party was attended by 28 of our 35 members. Shirley, our Queen Mother had to leave early to attend a funeral so Joanne B., Vice Queen, again had to take charge of the activities. The group played "bingo with a twist" which consisted of a listing of some of our monthly activities instead of numbers. I am told it was well received. The dessert for the meal was snowmen and Christmas tree molded ice cream. Favors were red and purple "firecrackers" filled with candy. Again thanks to Joanne B.
Ila Henning's Retirement Party
MCV Lounge - December 14, 2010
Ginny, Charlene, Lois, Dorothy, Joanne R., Shirley, Marie and Ola attended the reception with Joanne B. arriving a bit later. The reception was sponsored by the CBA. Ila received a computer and printer as a gift for her many years of service.