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Seven Village Red Hatties (Doris B., Verna D. Ginny F., Glenda F. Mariann G. Doris T. and Shirley G.),  were part of a group of 35 red hatters from various chapters in the Cincinnati area who enjoyed 3 days on the Mississippi Queen. What a great time we had! The theme of the trip was "Legends of the '50s." We were entertained by 50s legends Gogi Grant, The Four Lads, Bob Feller, Noel Neil (the first Lois Lane of the Superman series), and Rick Busciglio, a personal friend of Frank Sinatra.
September 9-12, 2005
Calliope whistles. The calliope is played every time the boat arrives and leaves a port. What a thrill!
Waiting on board for our adventure to begin.
Doris T. at the mandatory life jacket drill.
Glenda F. with Bob Feller, former Cleveland Indians pitcher.
Noel Neill, the first Lois Lane, (of Superman fame) and friend.
Sylvia Wagner, QM of the Red Bonnet LBs, who organized the cruise.
We couldn't resist a picture opportunity!
Raising a toast at the Captain's Dinner.
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P.F. CHANG'S - OCTOBER 13, 2005
A Taste of Chinese Food!
Betty S., Ailene, Mary
Ginny, Dorothy,
Blanche and Glenda
Mae, Mariann, Verna. Joanne
Lois S., Joanne B., Ginny
November 9, 2005
The Make-Your-Own Omelet Breakfast, hosted by sisters Joanne Biedinger, Lou Robertson and Eileen Wright, was a super success. Each of us had to crack two large eggs into a quart-size freezer bag, add cheese, ham, onion, etc., shake it all up, make sure to get all the air out of the bag, then zip it up, after which our hostesses placed the bags into rolling, boiling water for 13 minutes. The omelets were rolled out of the bags slick as a whistle onto our plates. A great treat and tons of fun! Thank you ladies for all your hard work!  It was fabulous.
We also welcomed three new members into our chapter--Lou Robertson, Ola Steger and Sylvia Wagner. Sylvia and Lou are new volunteers in our gift shoppe. We are so glad to have you ladies!
After breakfast we gave Mariann G. a red hat lady doll and some red hat stationery so she would be sure to write us when she leaves MCV for Ft. Collins, CO, where she will reside near her son and daughter.
We will miss you, Mariann. Be sure to write!
A beautiful clock given to Queen Mum Shirley. I do appreciate it, but just being your Queen is enough thanks for me. The clock has a place of honor in my living room. Thank you ladies. It was a wonderful gift.
Mariann G. admiring the red hat doll given to her as a going-away gift. She also received a box of notes so she won't have an excuse not to write!
Billie, Mim V., Betty S., Betty H. Janice L., Martha W., Mae S., and Maude. S. squeezin' and shakin' their omelets. Eileen W. is in background making sure they do a good job!
The finished product! Yummy!
Doris T. choosing ingredients for her omelet.
Eileen W., Joanne B., and Lulu B. setting up. The tables looked beautiful all done in red and purple!
Verna D. & Doris B. on the "stage," the true name of a gangplank.
MQ staff member playing the calliope.
Sylvia Wagner and daugher Linda.
Ginny F., Glenda F., and QM Shirley
Posing on the "stage" before headin' home. Happily Dawn S. will pick us up for our ride home.
January 12, 2006
Here is a grouping of pictures from our visit to Meadowbrook Care Center. The Activities Dept. decked out their ladies in red hats and we all enjoyed mini sandwiches, fruit, tea and dessert. Telling the ladies about the Red Hat Society added to the enjoyment of our time with them. After our visit we headed back to the Village where we each enjoyed a dish of ice cream and rehashed the afternoon's event.

February 9, 2006
  Outings of the Village Red Hatties just don't get any better than our events at Gregory Creek Bed & Breakfast. Our hosts, Janet and Bob Niederman, welcomed us with open arms and put out so much food we couldn't possibly leave hungry. Janet served several casseroles, along with a delicious fruit dish, several kinds of breads, fruits, coffee, tea, and juices of all kinds, not to mention the cake, cheescake and ice cream after we finished our craft project. Oh dear, I forgot the cookies! Thank you Janet and Bob, for a lovely outing. And don't forget to thank Velma for us! We appreciated her helping out.
     Our craft project included a series of three items, a bookmark, and two different cards which could be sent to a person of their choice or to Mariann Glossi (who moved to Colorado), Betty Clark, or Martha Wedel, our shut-ins. A big thank you also to our newest member, Sylvia Wagner, who shared a huge part of her stamping supplies with us so that we could take advantage of using some of the free supplies Glenda got for us at the 2005 National Convention in Las Vegas. Both ladies went to significant amount of trouble to pull this project together which I believe most thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you ladies for a job well done!
Velma and Janet hard at work in the kitchen preparing a delicious brunch.
Just look at Janet's beautifully appointed tables...and we can't wait to "dig in."
Sylvia's giving Lou a little help while Eileen, Ila, Doris B., Joanne and Verna look on.
Janet and Lou worked on a project too but Bob decided to sit it this one out.
Mission accomplished! A finished project!
Eating again--this time dessert. Looks like Shirley is holding court.
March 9, 2006
At the suggestions of Verna D, our Czarina of Sandwich, we visited the lovely Historic Kirkwood House in Mason, Ohio. The beautiful and recently restored colonial home, built in 1799, was formerly the home of Judge Jacob D. Lowe, an Associate Judge from 1803-1824. While practicing law, Judge Lowe resided with his wife at his farmhouse/inn. It was a routine stopping place for stagecoach travelers, such as Congressman Henry Clay and other distinguished men who would often stay at the house while traveling to Washington, D.C. In 1820, Postmaster Kirkwood opened the post office of Kirkwood, at the trading post and stagecoach stop of Judge Lowe. Prior to establishing this post office, residents would have to go to Lebanon for their mail. A one-way trip to Lebanon could take a half-day of travel at best. With that, the Kirkwood name was associated with Judge Lowe's farmouse/inn and the Kirkwood Inn was born. One of their sons, Ralph Phillips Lowe, born November 27, 1805 in the Mason farmouse, went on to serve as Governor of Iowa in 1858. Today the Inn is owned by Mr. & Mrs. David Eves. They commissioned Architectural Restoration, Inc. to restore the house to its original character and is currently used for private gatherings.
Historic Kirkwood House
It was Verna's idea!
The Kitchen
Has our Queen no shame?
The Food.
Our newest member, Charlotte J.
A lovely pink rose for everyone!
March 9, 2006
Seven of us, Joanne B., Dorothy, Mary Mc, Martha W. , Janice, and QM Shirley attended the lovely luncheon at Otterbein Retirement Home followed by a tour of two cottages. We were entertained by a wonderful female quartet. Prizes were won by Dorothy P. and Mary Mc.
Smiles on every face.
A female quartet.
Our dessert, one on every table.
Our lunch. Yummy!
APRIL 13, 2006
Marie, Mim, Doris B. and Ginny F. studying a red hat catalog.
A red hat fireplace decoration done in our honor!
Wags, Lou, Joanne B., Ila, Mary Mc, and Mae awaiting lunch.
Ruth Clarke of Busken Baker went all out in welcoming us to lunch. The tables were beautifully decorated plus she dressed up the fireplace with red hat lady pictures and a beautifully decorated red hat which she made. Thank you Ruth for a llovely outing!
APRIL 25, 2006
We celebrated National Red Hat Society Day in grand fashion at a luncheon and fashion show at Heritage Hall & Banquet Center, Goshen, Ohio. Almost 175 ladies were in attendance in a beautifully decorated room blossoming with lots of red and purple. Our MCV Gift Shoppe sponsored a table of red hat merchandise which was manned by our three sisters, Eileen, Joanne and Lou. Door prizes were won by Glenda, Ola and Lou.
Ailene standing in front of some wonderful hat stands. We bought two for the gift shoppe.
Customers! You can hardly see our table of red hat merchandise for all the people crowding the table. Beautifully decorated tables in the foreground.
Sylvia and Glenda. Plotting their next move?
MAY 11, 2006
Waiting for food at the newly opened Tea Roses Tea Room  in Mason, Ohio.
JUNE 15, 2006

Inside Lamplighter Restaurant while musicians prepare to play.
Quaint shop in historic Augusta, KY.
Musicians Steve and Bob playing our kind of music. They were wonderful.
Ila and Ola enjoying the music while waiting to enjoy the wonderful buffet.
Parkview's sign.
Sylvia as she wandered around Augusta enjoying this wonderful old town.
JoAnn and Ruth sipping iced tea.
Joanne and Charlotte enjoying
just being there.
Rosemary Clooney Museum along the waters of the Ohio River. Museum  includes memorabilia of Rosemary Clooney's movie career, the Clooney genealogy, and some things of George Clooney. The second floor houses the dress of Miss America 2000, Heather French Henry, wife of Steve Henry.
Clothing from some of
Rosemary Clooney's movies.
JULY 13, 2006

We're Back Again, Just Couldn't Stay Away...
Lucy & Ethel's Country Tea,
Wilmington, Ohio
The Lovely Home of Bob & Bobbi Romohr
Entry Sign
Tara, Cherry and Bobbi
Bobbi serving tea to
Ola and Marie.
Ila, Betty S., Mim and Doris
sharing a corner table.
Our lovely guest for the day, Ocie Wakefield, enjoying the tea with Eileen and Joanne B. We hope you enjoyed it Ocie.
Tara, Bobbi's daughter, preparing drinks while Eileen looks on.
Homemade red hat candy
to take home.
I wonder what Tara is saying?
Sylvia seems mighty interested.
Tiered tray of food. Plus scones, shortbread, soup, sorbet and red hat candy. And tea, tea, tea. It just kept coming...All homemade in Bobbi's kitchen. What a woman! Thank you Bobbi (Lucy)!
Barb, Ginny and Glenda. Sylvia's off somewhere taking pictures.
Mary J., Martha W., Janice and Maude share a table nestled in a corner.
Village Red Hatties with
Don Sams and Eric Dudasko.
Memorabilia from St. Louis Convention.
Dorothy P.
Barb B.
Lois S. and her home grown flower.
JULY 15, 2006
JoAnn A., Marie R., Ola S., and Glenda F. (peeking around Ola) while enjoying the game.
Shirley isn't broadcasting the game, she's just hot!!!
Look who caught one of the game balls-- Lois Bishop of the Feathered Friends!!! That's Maureen sitting next to her.
Sylvia W., who coordinated the event for the many chapters who attended the game, holds up a red hat flag to commemorate the day. JoAnn A. and Marie R. look on.
Showboat Majestic
September 14, 2006
After dinner at The Boathouse we saw Sweet Charity at the Showboat Majestic. Of special interest was the song "If My Friends Could See Me Now," which is the theme song of our website.
Tall Stacks
October 4, 2006
October 4, 2006 was a brutally hot day at Tall Stacks, especially while waiting to board the Belle of Louisville for our luncheon cruise on the Ohio River. Look at all the red hatters waiting in line, some even passing out.
Two Rivers Restaurant
October 12, 2006
Here is Ginny F. sitting on the same wall where she and her husband posed during their honeymoon.
LaRosa's Restaurant, Mason, Ohio
October 27, 2006
Mariann G. and Mary Mc
Bring out the kazoos for October birthdays!
Where's our pizza?
Martha W.'s last outing with the Village Red Hatties. Here she is with Ailene B. and Janice L.
SEPTEMBER 20, 2006
We really didn't get to cut the ribbon but they let us pose like we did anyway! Dorothy, Blanche, JoAnn, Shirley, Mim, Martha, Ola, Betty, Joanne R.
Blanche resting on one of the blood donor beds while a technician looks on.
November 9 , 2006
Maude, Mary, DorisT., Suzanne
Verna and Ailene
This Village Red Hatties event was sponsored by Joanne Rapp and Betty Hilleger.They presented everyone with a magnetic flower and miniature sunglasses. Joanne's daughter joined us as a special guest.
Glenda and Dorothy
Ila, Ginny, Mary Mc, Ruth
Joanne B., Betty S., Betty H.
December 12, 2006
This wonderful Christmas party was hosted by Joanne Biedinger. The tables she decorated were very festive. We all enoyed the games we played and we were presented with 2007-2008 calendars as a gift.
Joanne definitely puts on a great party!
Joanne B. welcoming us to the Christmas party.
Eileen and Martha look like they are having a good time!
Joanne and Glenda serving ice cream shaped like Christmas trees.
Mississippi Queen
The "Belle of Louisville," obviously!