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Margie H, our newest Honorary Member, posing in her red hat finery in the gift shoppe before joining other Village Red Hatties in a picture-taking session of the HATMOBILE initiated by Joe Falter of Empowering Seniors Magazine.
September 17, 2004
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Just look at these elegantly appointed dining tables! Al Hardy, our host, opened with a prayer after which we had a delightful breakfast. A tour of the four B&B homes in the complex completed our morning. What a treat it was to enjoy such luxury. We were sorry rain caused us to forego the carriage ride but we are eager to go back next year. Thank you Glenda for planning and executing this wonderful outing!
October 14, 2004

Our host, Al Hardy, owner of Hardy's Bed & Breakfast in Lebanon, Ohio.
Sixteen of us posing on the steps of the B&B after breakfast and before our tour. Charlene B. and Lois M. joined our ranks today. Welcome Char and Lois!
Ailene B. and Mim V. digging in
to the delicious food.
Lamplighter Restaurant, Parkview Inn, Augusta, Kentucky
November 11, 2004
It was a cloudy, rainy day but as Glenda said "we will make our own sunshine." And we did. It was a delightful day
in spite of the weather.
Breakfast at Hardy's Bed & Breakfast, Lebanon, Ohio
Never have we seen more beautifully appointed tables.
What luxury!
October 14, 2004
Mim V. and Dorothy P. just can't wait to sample the beautifully arrayed food on the buffet.
November 11, 2004
Ila H. enjoying a musical interlude.
November 11, 2004
Betty H., Martha J., Eulaine N., and Joanne R.
Lois S., Betty C. and Barb B.
The Dual Tones, Bob England at Guitar and Paul Mefford, Bass, added so much to the ambience of our luncheon. It was musical entertainment at its best and didn't we enjoy it!
Our line dancers, Mary Mc., Martha J., Janice L., and Mariann G. showing their dancing skills. Bob and Paul really got their feet moving.
November 11, 2004
Two tables of our beautiful red hatters. Mary Mc., Mariann G., Joanne B., and Verna D. at the first table, and Lois M., Janice L., Martha W. and Char B. at the second.
November 11, 2004
Niederman's Christmas Farm
(Gregory Creek Bed & Breakfast)
December 2, 2004

We just couldn't stay away! After enjoying a delightful breakfast at the Gregory Creek Bed & Breakfast on May 27, 2004, we couldn't wait to revisit the Niederman Farm, this time to view their amazing Christmas display. It was a 1/2 mile walk of sheer beauty. Thousands of lights illuminated the path as we traveled through the Bible display. This was the culmination of an evening which started in the beautiful Niederman home where Janet Niederman, our hostess, prepared a soup (2 kinds) and salad (3 kinds) supper for us plus dessert (3 kinds). What a woman!
Thank you Janet and Bob for your hospitality and for another delightful visit to your beautiful farm.

Janet, our hostess, cutting squares of chocolate cake which she served with a homemade hot fudge sauce. Yummy!
Some of our members enjoying the delicious food Janet prepared.
Janet even had door prizes! The winners were:  Billie G., JoAnn A., Mariann G., Mae S., Maude S., Eileen W. and Doris B.
Verna Niederman with her daughter, twin granddaughters, Glenda, Shirley, and Betty H.
Creche in Christmas Display at Niederman Farm.
Doris T. all dolled up in her Christmas finery.
Dr. Maxine Harper entertaining the audience at the Christmas Party.
Christmas Party
December 5, 2004
Mary J, Eulaine N, Mim V., Joanne R., and Ila H. posting for their pictures after a delicious soup and salad supper.
January 13, 2005
(The museum was the former home of John Pattison, who was elected as Ohio Governor in 1904. On January 8, 1906, he read his inaugural address but looked frail and worn. Gov. Pattison lived through only one term of the General Assembly. The strain of the campaign sapped his strength and in April 1906 he left the executive mansion for Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. He was later removed to his home in Milford, Ohio, and died there June 18.)
We are so glad we visited historic Promont House! We had a lovely tea in the living room, after which docents toured us through the museum. Many of the pieces in the house was donated by a granddaughter of Gov. Pattison, one of our docents. Seventeen of us attended the tea and nine of us gamely ascended 64 steps to the tower of the museum. Being red hatters, we couldn't resist their lovely gift shoppe. We returned to the Village joyful that we had chosen Promont House as a destination.

Two views of our ladies enjoying the tea in the house. All rooms in the house were still beautifully decorated for Christmas. Notice the big window in the second picture which was that large so that the bottom half could be opened to go outdoors. In that day, taxes were imposed on the number of doors in the house, thus the large windows.
Our gracious hostesses and docents posing with a mannekin in period dress.
Here we are in our Christmas best and what a lovely time we had. A beautiful way to start off the Christmas season.
Char and Lois having tea in front of a beautiful antique cabinet.
Looking up the 64-step staircase to the tower.
Queen Mother Shirley with docent
Ray Schumacher in the tower.
Manor House - Maple Knoll Village
Thursday, February 10, 2005
Our chapter joined forces with the Red Bonnet LBs for a Valentine outing. Their Queen Mother, Sylvia Wagner, used her considerable talents and came up with wonderful place markers for each of us and centerpieces for each table. No one could come up the definition of LBs (Lightining Buggers) in their chapter name but we all got a good laugh at some of the combinations our members guessed. Even though it was a cloudy, rainy day we all had a good time and a wonderful buffet meal.
An email that Sylvia wrote to Sue Ellen Cooper, our Exalted Queen Mother, appeared in her Friday letter of February 25. How exciting! Here is what she wrote about "The Queens of Cool": "Two of our Ohio queens recently planned a Valentine luncheon for 50 Red Hatters. Queen Shirley Glorius (Village Red Hatties, Mason) and Sylvia Wagner (Red Bonnet LBs, Cincinnati) spent five weeks working on the location, menu, centerpieces, place cards, nametags, favors, games, prizes, etc. To quote Queen Sylvia "...NOT ONCE did we use the telephone: We think that's pretty cool for a couple of 70+ year olds. That is WAY cool!" We thank you Sylvia for getting us all that publicity.
Queen Mothers Shirley Glorius
and Sylvia Wagner.
A table of Red Bonnet LBs being interrupted for a picture--Joyce Oatman, Jo Smith and Sue Petering. QM Sylvia Wagner is in the background.
Lois S., Mary W., Martha J. and Mary J. taking time out from lunch to pose. Some of the Red Bonnet LBs are in background.
Carol Schrand and her mother Betty C. surround QM Shirley. Carol is a member of a red hat chapter in Las Vegas, Nevada.
An elderly resident of Maple Knoll Village wanted his birthday picture taken with our red hat ladies. Here he is joined with Mary W. of the Village Red Hatties and Rita Siefer, Joyce Oatman and
Jo Smith of the Red Bonnet LBs.
Enjoying a delicious meal are:  we are unsure who the first gal is, but next to her is Cindy Williams, JoAnn Anderson,
then Debbie Neidlinder.
QM Sylvia and her long-time friend, Marja Isaacs. Notice the roses which Marja gave both queens. Thank you Marja!
Bahama Breeze
March 10, 2005
Betty H. shows her surprise when Martha J. brings out a roll of tissue with red hearts from the restroom. We like to believe it was put there especially for our Village Red Hatties!
Cobblestone Cafe, Waynesville, Ohio,
April 14, 2005
16 of us ready to dig in! The food was delicious and the ambience delightful.
Betty S. and Mim V. looking at all the pretty things in the Cobblestone Gift Shop.
Tori's Station, Fairfield, Ohio
April 24, 2005
"The Avalons" were the entertainers at this wonderful event. Thank you QM Shan Marra and The Red Hat Mommas for a delightful day.
Ailene B. and Joanne B. selling red hat merchandise at our vendor table.
Mall Strut, Kenwood Shopping Center,
April 25, 2005
Picture of Joanne R.'s hat taken in the mirrored booth while eating at the Cheesecake Factory before the Mall Strut.
French Quarter, Maysville, Kentucky
May 12, 2005
Joanne B. hosted us through areas familiar to her in southeastern Ohio, and gave us a running account of landmarks. After lunch at the French Quarter Restaurant in Maysville, KY, we drove to Washington, KY, for a little shopping. We were joined with five members of the Feathered Friends Chapter, Lorri W. (QM), Vivian B., Maureen F., Lois B., and Mary D. Thank you, Joanne, for all your efforts!
Here we are at the French Quarter Restaurant. Joanne B. is telling us what to expect during our visit to Maysville and Washington, KY.
The group posing in front of the sea wall murals at Maysville, KY. Whose posterior that is will forever remain a secret!
Boggstown Cabaret, Boggstown, Indiana
June 2, 2005

Here is Billie G. up to her usual antics on the bus and looking perfectly comfortable.
The stage inside the Cabaret.
Here are Barb B., Jean and Debbie (guests) and Betty C. being entertained by singers Tess and Howie.
Sylvia Wagner, Queen Mother of Red Bonnet LBs (our guest), with her three hats, two of which she bought in the Boggstown gift shop.
Waiting for food! We're hungry after our bus ride to Boggstown.
Fourteen of us ventured to the Boggstown Cabaret in rural Boggstown, Indiana, (home of Marjorie Main) and had a lovely time. We were joined by three guests, Betty C.'s daughter, Debbie and her friend Jean, and Sylvia, QM of the Red Bonnet LBs. The food was delicious and those fritters, oh my, were they ever yummy! Entertainment consisted of a piano player, drummer, comedian, and two vocalists. Barb B. got lots of attention from Howie, the male vocalist, who took her hat off and rubbed his hands through her hair.
Barb B. is working Howie over while Tess, singer, looks on. Looks like Howie is enjoying it!
Hydrangea Heaven Tea and Tour
August 19, 2005
Barbara and Jerry Mueller opened their home to us for a lovely tea and tour of their hydrangea garden. Barbara gave us a brief overview of how to raise and care for hydrangeas and Jerry proved to be an extraordinary baker (such tender scones!). Barbara's expertise in gardening and especially in the care of hydrangeas was outstanding. At one point Jerry put a roll in the player piano and Blanch and Mae cut a bit of a rug! Thank you Barbara and Jerry for a delightful day!
Pond at the back of the
Mueller home.
Barbara giving us an overview of her tea and tour.
Beautiful hydrangeas decorated every table.
Hydrangeas even on the tablecloth!
Mae, Martha W., Janice, Marie, Eileen and Dorothy studying the combined hydrangea/menu leaflet.
A little bit of heaven in their backyard.
Oh, to be a bird in this setting!
Barbara Mueller explaining to Joanne B. and Ginny how to cut and root hydrangeas.