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2nd annual Pajama Breakfast MCV in the Dining Room. Our CEO, Don Sams, and Village Executive Director, Jeff Weatherhead, joined the 20 who attended for a picture to commemorate the occasion.
May 11, 2004
Martha W., Martha J., and Betty H. enjoying the wonderful goodies at Lucy & Ethel's Country Tea (Bobbie Romohr & Susan Young), Wilmington, Ohio.
And here are the wonderful goodies, much depleted! We loved every bite.
Something has caught the attention of Blanche, Eileen, Mae and Pat. I wonder what it was?
Mae, Lois and Martha W. really seem to be enjoying the ambience of Miss Annabelle's.
Joanne R., Doris T., Ailene, Mim and Betty S.
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Mim, Betty S., Eulaine, Marie, Mae and Dorothy opening the white elephant gifts they received after playing the gift giving game. And don't forget to take a look at the cake we served on the page entitled "A View of our Favorite Things."
Sisters Eileen and Joanne B. enjoying a light moment at the Hamiltonian Hotel Christmas party.
Here is Glenda with Santa Claus and I'll bet he was loving every minute!
Mary W., Marie and Mae at Hamiltonian Hotel Christmas party.
23 of us traveled to Springfield to have a delicious lunch at Teaberries, a delightful gift shoppe and tea room. What a wonderful time we had discovering all their many nooks and crannies. Thank you Glenda for finding this jewel for us. Here we are on the grand staircase in the gift shop before heading back to Mason.
Red Hatters are always smiling and Mariann is no exception. Here she is mugging for the camera at Teaberries, Springfield, Ohio
Imagine! 103 years old! That's our Gordon Lumley dressed as a Village Red Hattie celebrating his birthday in the Chapel of Mason Christian Village. The Village Red Hatties bedecked him in royal robes, presented him with a red rose, and some of us even managed the Electric Slide line dance to celebrate the occasion. Happy Birthday Gordon, we will do it again in 2005 for your 104th.

Eulaine, Verna, Martha W., Dorothy, Shirley,
Betty C., Mariann, and our instructor Ed. We are concentrating on getting our steps right as we dance the Electric Slide for Gordon.
When do we eat? Waiting patiently for our food order to be taken at Claddagh's at Newport on the Levee.
Ginny caught unawares.

Lining up for yet another picture. We wanted to have the purple people bridge in the background but we just couldn't catch a ray of sunshine.
Martha W., Billie, Shirley, Miss Hattie and Mary J. posing with our new van on Billie's first outing as a red hatter.
Kenwood Mall Strut hosted by
Purple Peacocks Chapter.
24 of us on stairway at Angel of the Garden
Waynesville, Ohio
Tim Smith, proprietor of Angel of the Garden, keeping the ladies entertained. We all want to go back!
Love those glasses Blanche!

These two pictures can't begin to show the beauty of the Gregory Creek Inn Bed and Breakfast. Janet & Bob Niederman were wonderful hosts. They unselfishly shared their magnificent home with us. Janet is a terrific cook and we all delighted in the food that was served at our breakfast. They shared the history of their farm, told us about their Christmas display, provided entertainment by Lynn (a member of the Roses and Rubies Chapter) who shared her poetry, and culminated it all with a tour of their bed and breakfast. They sent us off happy, smiling, and full of food. It was a delightful way to spend a morning.
Thank you Janet and Bob for entertaining 24 happy Village Red Hatties!

Don Sams, CEO; Miss Hattie; QM Shirley; and Jeff Weatherhead, Executive Director.
Pajama Breakfast, May 11, 2004
QM Shirley and Joanne "hamming it up" at our annual Pajama Breakfast.
May 11, 2004
Barb's grandson, Jay Engelbrink, an employee of Montgomery Boathouse, was on hand to wish his grandmother a Happy Birthday when we arrived.
July 8, 2004
Queen Shirley and Glenda had a great time playing the horses at River Downs with lots of other red hatters. Do you think the smiles mean we were big winners? I don't think so!
July 10, 2004
Mim, Glenda, Ginny and Martha relaxing in the lounge aboard the beautiful yacht Destiny.
Mim, Ginny, Glenda and Martha just couldn't resist tootin' their kazoos to the applause of the other red hatters. What a hoot we had on the Destiny Yacht. Is that a feather (or two?) on the floor?
Wow! What a yacht! Shirley, Martha, Mim and Glenda chomping at the bit to get aboard.
Just couldn't resist including this picture. Glenda took this awesome picture of the Cincinnati Reds Riverfront Stadium just after dark.
Footnote: Unhappily, before we could celebrate Gordon's birthday again, he passed away on December 7, 2004, just shy of his 104th birthday. He will be missed.
A plate of food just too beautiful to eat, but eat it we did!

Just look at the size of those undies! Ginny, Blanche, Eileen & Shirley attended The Big Purple Undies outing at Waterford Retirement Center. The entertainers from Australia were hilarious. There was some talk they will be at the RHS Las Vegas Convention.
September 3, 2004 (
Note: They weren't!)
Lucy & Ethel's Country Tea
October 6, 2003
Miss Annbelle's
November 6, 2003

1st Anniversay as Village Red Hatties
November 10, 2003
Hamiltonian Hotel
Christmas Party
December 13, 2003
Teaberries, Springfield, Ohio
February 12, 2004
Happy Birthday 103rd Birthday Gordon Lumley!
February 27, 2004
Claddagh's Restaurant
Newport On The Levee
March 11, 2004
Kenwood Mall Strut
April 25, 2004
Angel Of The Garden,
Waynesville, Ohio
April 29, 2004
2nd Annual Breakfast, Mason Christian Dining Room, May 11, 2004
Gregory Creek
Bed & Breakfast
May 27, 2004
Montgomery Boathouse
July 8, 2004
River Downs
July 10, 2004
Destiny Yacht
July 16, 2004
The Big Purple Undies
Waterford Retirement Center
September 3, 2004