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Eileen, QM Shirley & Doris holding our banner
which we will use in the August 25 Heritage Day parade. QM Shirley will miss the actual parade and will instead
be cruising on a riverboat!
We put on our own version of a breakfast pajama party which we held in the MCV dining room. We invited Queen Mother Ailene Bell and her Scarlet Sisters to join us. We had a blast as you can see from the picture. We even had our own chef Wayne, (who is blocking the Queen!) and Anita, Director of Food Services.
Verna D.,Ruth, Doris B. and Martha J.
enjoying our pajama party breakfast.
Mary and Maude. With Maude's background as an English teacher in Japan, she and Mary decided to treat us to an oriental tea at the local Arloi Dee restaurant. They bedecked our tables with souvenir items from
Maude's stay in Japan.
Five days to go! Hurry, hurry, hurry, we need to get the hat ready
for the big parade!
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What a happy smile! And why not, Dorothy just won the grand prize at Dillards' red hat shopping day.
Blanche, Joanne, Betty C., Pat M. and Ila
waiting for the horses to run at River Downs.
And they're off!
Betty C., Barb and Ginny having lunch at Pyramid Hill, then we were off to enjoy the many sculptures in the park.
We're kickin' up our heels!
Lois Ella, Maude and Martha W. playing Happy Birthday on their kazoos at the Pyramid Hill luncheon. Lois Ella later had to drop out of the Village Red Hatties due to time commitments.
Breakfast Pajama Party
May 28, 2003
Arloi Dee Restaurant
June 28, 2003
Red Hat Shopping Day at Dillards
June 21, 2003
River Downs
July 12, 2003
Pyramid Hill Luncheon
July 31, 2003
Heritage Day Parade
August 25, 2003
Doris, Eileen, Joanne B. and Shirley G. We have our golf cart all ready for the big Heritage Day Parade, complete with big red hat on top! We just can't wait to get all gussied up in our red and purple attire and strut our stuff/
And here are our VRH in the parade! Betty C., dressed in her regal attire and carrying her scepter, was our "Queen For A Day." She is in the front seat next to Joanne B. who is the driver. Middle seats were occupied by Eileen and Verna, behind driver. Bringing up the rear were Marie and Mae.