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Charter members  of the Village Red Hatties posing for our first group picture in the living room at Mason Christian Village on November 8, 2002. Our first outing was a huge success. We've paid our $1.50 dues and are rarin' to go out on the town again.
"We're Not Over The Hill We're Just Partying At The Peak"
Howard Pauley as a "Red Hat Lady" was trying to hand a pair of red panties to Randy Richardson.
Randy was so horrified it was hysterical! So much fun!
Mason Christian Village Chapel
April 12, 2003
Doris T. getting ready to serve red hat cookies to our anxious guests.
April 12, 2003
June, Ila, Betty C. & Mariann admiring
red hat doll Ila won.
Shirley, Blanche, Eileen, Joanne B., Doris, Ailene, Martha J., Mary Mc, and Mariann getting ready to strut their stuff across the opening of the
Purple People Bridge, Cincinnati, Ohio
April 26, 2003.
Shirley, Mary J., Betty C., Mae, and Doris B. Cedar Village invited us for an afternoon tea so we could tell them all about the Red Hat Society.
May 19, 2003
"The Kiss"
Ginny and Betty C. just couldn't resist.
Pat M. is egging them on.

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Ila and Martha J. registering guests for our red hat bash starring Randy and Howard.
April 12, 2003
Our poor guest! The two of them brought the house down. I wonder if she will go home and try all of our "Red Hat Lady's" ridiculous grooming suggestions?
April 12, 2003
Blanche, Joanne B., Eileen, Verna, Doris B. and Ginny waiting for lunch to be served.
April 12, 2003
"Taking the oath" to be good Village Red Hatties. All of the ladies pictured volunteer in either the Gift Shoppe or Ice Cream Parlour and attended the annual volunteer luncheon.
Bonbonerie Tea Room
Our First Outing As
Village Red Hatties
November 6, 2002
"Taking The Oath" at the
Annual Volunteer Luncheon
Manor House
December 13, 2002

Red Hat Bash Starring
Howard Pauley and Randy Richardson
Mason Christian Village
April 12, 2003
White House Inn
February 14, 2003

The Brass Pig Tea Room
March 28, 2003
Purple People
Bridge Opening
April 26, 2003
Cedar Village
May 19, 2003
Doris T. giving instructions to her helpers.
Howard working the crowd.